Sermon Series
Our Living Faith: Book of Acts &
Today in Church History

The church today exists because of God’s work through faithful followers from generation to generation.

While we journey through Our Living Faith worship series, we invite you to join in this reading program.

Over these next weeks, we will follow the story of the earliest days of the church – beginning with Jesus’ resurrection appearances and ending with the Apostle Paul in Rome.

Welcome to First Christian Reformed Church of Vancouver. 

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Our worship services are every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. at 2670 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC, V5N 4L2, near the Broadway and Commercial SkyTrain stations.

Another popular weekly event at First is Community Night. We host a weekly dinner with our neighbours every Wednesday night at the church at 6pm.

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Whether you’re visiting Vancouver, or are a Vancouver-area resident looking for a church home where you can worship God, we look forward to meeting you.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via phone 604-872-2818 or contact us here.